Emad Rastegar was born on 12 Febrary 1985 in Yerevan , Armenia and grew up in Iran, better known by his stage name MaaD, is a big room house and electro house DJ  and music producer.Picture3
He started learning classical piano when he was six years old and DJing when he was 18. Emad was first inspired to become a DJ at the age of 19 after watching a documentary about DJs on the video. At the age of 19, he went to guitar school when he was studying degree of Biology in university , he began DJing in small party at the Armenia. He got master of Biochemistry and before  immigrated to Malaysia, he studied sound engineering . He enrolled at the Jazz Academy in Malaysia . Three years into the Jazz Academy, he was advised to get diploma  and to pursue a career in music immediately. He often cited fellow Tiesto and Hardwell as his biggest inspiration and mentor.
Music has always been an essential part of MaaD’s life being born into a household where music was a great passion.Music for him was a form of escapism, a body used to channel thought. MaaD decided to transform his passion into career.Started DJ experimenting in 2004 in underground venues while he was a sound-man. MaaD has evolved into professional djing since 2008 when he immigrated in Malaysia and has played in clubs such as Zouk Club , Reggae Bar , Cinta Club , Vogue Club , i-Club , Movida , Funtheque Club , Elixer and Mango’s.
MaaD’s remixing debut came in 2013. To feed his constant hunger for music and exploration, developing a sharp ear for the dance floor and a wealth of production skill, his own unique slant on house and Electro music was born – incorporating live instrumentation and drawing on influences from as wide as Jamie Jones to Jimi Hendrix!Pictdsddure1
In jaunary 2015, MaaD launched his own radio show and podcast, MaaD On Noise Radio Show. It is being broadcast on various international radio stations. Additionally, the podcast has a spot on iTunes.The Noise Radio Show: Now a regular standing fixture in the Electro, Progressive, House and Trance enthusiasts listening schedule, MaaD On Noise Radio Show exports their diverse sound around the world every week. Noise Radio is all about showcasing the freshest music and exposing new talent to the world.In and amongst the intriguing Noise Radio ID feature, where every week they’ll be playing a track so hot-damn fresh-off-the-desk, it can’t even be named, you’ll also now be able to vote in… Most Wanted! Through the fan forum you’ll be able to pick you favorite track of the fortnight and vote on it. The winner will be duly crowned ‘Most Wanted’ on the following show.
Despite the stellar success MaaD’s produced to date, he has only just begun. Big things are yet to come, so prep for landing as MaaD touches down across worldwide.Experiences that would change his life forever!